Directional Boring

Lubbock Underground Utilities

At Lubbock Underground Utilities, we offer directional boring services also known as horizontal directional drilling. Using this trenchless technology is considered to cause the least amount of disturbance and impact on the surrounding surface. Directional boring offers the most environmentally friendly option for drilling and is ideal when traditional excavation or trenching is either not practical or when minimal impact is called for. We use precise boring equipment to minimize disruption to businesses, roadways, traffic, and infrastructure. 

Benefits of Directional Boring

  • Reduces impact on existing utilities and the public.
  • Directional boring is used when there are roadways, buildings, or land in use when pipelines need to be installed but the surrounding area cannot be disturbed.
  • Reduces the amount of contamination.
  • Protects surrounding infrastructure.
  • Less road closures.
  • Greater economic value.

Our company offers directional boring services to Lubbock and its surrounding areas. From state of the art technology to highly trained and knowledgeable technicians, we aim to provide the best directional boring services in the South Plains. For all of your utility installation and directional boring needs, contact Lubbock Underground Utilities. We have the tools and the experience to get your job done right.

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